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PB Aikido Bokken Iwama white oak 103 cm
Aikidobokken Iwama Ryu style.
In stock: 4
PB Bokken Katori Shinto, White oak 98 cm
White oak Katori Shinto Ryu Daito designed for practice of this particular Ryuha. T
In stock: 8
PB Bokken White oak 102 cm
Quality bokken, 102 cm.
In stock: 23
PB Kung Fu Sword White oak 83 cm
Fine quality Oak Kung Fu sword, 83 cm.
In stock: 0
PB Lion Head Sword, White oak 97 cm
Fine quality Oak Tai Chi sword with lion head motif guard and end pommel. Suitable for solo...
In stock: 0
PB Shoto White oak 56 cm
Quality shoto, 56 cm.
In stock: 0