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Aikido Gi Tengui
160-200 cm, Made in 100% soft cotton.
In stock: 12
Aikido Gi Tengui De-luxe
160-200 cm, Made in 100% soft cotton.These deluxe Aikido Gi are the epitome of quality, the best...
In stock: 10
Hayashi Kirin Judo Gi White
130-200 cm, Excellent heavy beginner GI with reinforced collar,breast and knees.
In stock: 3
Hayashi Todai Judo Gi
110-200 cm, Excellent beginner GI with elastic waist.
In stock: 79
Kendo/Aikido Jacket. Blue 160-190 cm
160-190 cm, Blue Kendo/Aikido jacket. Made in 100% Cotton.
In stock: 1
WKF Hayashi Tenno Karate Kata GI White
150-200 cm, First class Karate Gi for competitors.
In stock: 46