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Adidas ProBout Black
A boot that was made to stick and move.
In stock: 4
Adidas Speed Champ II Black
High model from Adidas.
In stock: 2
Adidas Tygun II  Black
Classic modell from Adidas.
In stock: 6
Adidas Tygun II  Cobolt
Classic modell from Adidas.
In stock: 5
Adidas XOB 5 Box Neo 46 2/3
Limited Edition model from Adidas.
In stock: 1
Nike HyperKO Boxshoe, Black/Red/White
Boxshoe from Nike.
In stock: 16
Nike HyperKO Boxshoe, Black/Silver
Boxshoe from Nike.
In stock: 3
Nike HyperKO Boxshoe, Grey/Yellow
Boxshoe from Nike.
In stock: 26
Nike KO Boxshoe, Black/Gold
Nike KO Boxing Shoe - Black/Gold
In stock: 3
Nike Machomai Mid Boxshoe, Black
Nike Machomai Mid - Black
In stock: 36
Topten Boxingsocks, Black
39-43, 44-47, Functional boxing socks with enhancement in the heel and instep area for a...
In stock: 0
Topten Boxshoe "Black Star" Black/Grey
36-47. High quality boxing boot, made of nylon and leather, with newly developed compact bonded...
In stock: 12
Topten Boxshoe Champion Black
High shoe from Topten in leather and nylon.
In stock: 9
Topten Boxshoe, Black
36-48. Boxshoe from Topten.
In stock: 2
Topten Boxshoe, White/Pink
37, Boxshoe from Topten in leather.
In stock: 1
Topten shoe Short Cut Black/Red
36-47. Lightweight flexible shoe with anti-slip sole for a secure grip on the mat surface. An...
In stock: 15
Tuf Wear Shuffle Boxingshoe, 43-46
43-46, Tuf-Wear Senior Shuffle Boxing Boot - Black. Ultra light boots for fast footwork in the...
In stock: 13