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Hayashi Shin/Instep WKF
S-XL, Karate Kickprotector & ShinGuard Set according to the WKF regulation. The new kickprotector...
In stock: 15
Hayashi Tsuki WKF
S-XXL, Hayashi Karate Gloves TSUKI, pre-shaped padding inside with PU covering and adjustable...
In stock: 30
Hayashi Tsuki WKF Approved with thumbs, S-XXL
S-XXL, WKF approved tsuki with thumbs from Hayashi.
In stock: 0
MaxiGuard Chestguard WKF, Complete White
XS-L, Sold as a set, SportBra and cup together.
In stock: 0
WKF Approved Body protector
S-XXL, WKF body protector.
In stock: 2
WKF Approved Facemask
S-L, WKF facemask.
In stock: 7