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Bytomic Rund Legacy mits, Black
Durable boxing pad suitable for a wide array of punches, uppercuts and hooks.
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Hayashi Blocker 71 cm Red
Blocker with foam-padding.
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Montana Mitts "Armforce" (Single)
Curved mitts made of leather and heavy padding.
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Montana Mitts Paolight (Single)
Pao lightweight curved buffalo leather. Ergonomic grip for the forearm. Riveted handle,...
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Topten Rak Mits 40x20x15, Red
Mits with high absorbing foam-padding.
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Topten Round "Jumbo" mits, Black/Orange
Round target variable usable for training of kicks, punches or endurance.
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Topten Spark Mitts  46x32x15, Black
A modern, new type of striking pad, 46x32x15 cm, for hard kick training. A pad that really...
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Topten Universal Mits, Size  21x29x13,5 cm
Made of special, shock-absorbent BAYFLEX.
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