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Axis Curved Thai Pads (pair)
Axis Thai Pads from Bytomic,
In stock: 1
Bad Boy Training Series 2.0 Black/Grey (pair)
BAD BOY Training Series 2.0 Focus Mitts
In stock: 48
Blitz  Riot Strike Shield, 120 cm x 100 cm x 12 cm
One size, Full Size Riot Strike Shield
In stock: 0
Blitz Deluxe Thigh Pads (pair)
Blitz Deluxe Thigh Pads.
In stock: 0
Booster Pro Range Thai Mits Skintex (Pair)
M-L, Booster Pro Range thai mits.
In stock: 1
Bytomic Minitarget, Black (Singles)
Round handmitts from Bytomic,
In stock: 0
Bytomic Performer 3,0 Focus Mitts (pair)
Bytomic Performer 3.0 Focus Mitts,
In stock: 3
Bytomic Rund Legacy mits, Black
Durable boxing pad suitable for a wide array of punches, uppercuts and hooks.
In stock: 0
Coaching Body Armour
Sturdy and robust, it absorbs those hard body strikes. It has a raised side and mid-section,...
In stock: 0
Firepower Angled Thai Pads (pair)
Curved PU Thai Pad.
In stock: 1
Fumetsu Deluxe Focus Thaipads (Pair)
Fumetsu Deluxe Focus Thai Pads were designed with maximum comfort and impact protection for the...
In stock: 3
Fumetsu Pro Belly Protector, One Size
Fumetsu Lightweight Belly Protector was built with extreme durability and protection in mind but...
In stock: 1
Hayashi  Makiwara, Unfilled
Striking makiwara made of canvas.
In stock: 0
Hayashi Blocker 71 cm Red
Blocker with foam-padding.
In stock: 0
Hayashi Kicking Shield EXTREME Large Black/Red
The Top Ten kicking and striking curved
In stock: 3
Hayashi Makiwara Canvas
Makiwara in canvas, motiv is depending on current assets.
In stock: 0
JC Focus target Mitts Black Double,  MINI
Double focus target mitts from JC for kids or if you like a mini mitts
In stock: 48
JCalicu Focus target Mitts Black, Double
Double focus target mitts from JCalicu.
In stock: 82
JCalicu Focus target Mitts Black, Single
Single focus target mitts from JCalicu.
In stock: 28