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Best Angel JuJutsu/Judo Gi, White Demoex 185 cm
Excellent JuJutsu/Judo GI, not approved for competitions, trousers with traditional lacing in waist.
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Capripant  White, Demoex
Hayashi Kinsa Karate GI White, Demoex 130 cm
Excellent beginner GI with elastic waist.
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Hayashi Lightblue trouser with darkblue 2-Stripe
160-180 cm, Lightblue kickboxtrouser from Hayashi.
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Karate GI Mixed Black/White, Demoex 160 cm
160 cm, Excellent beginner GI with elastic waist in all sizes.
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NUKE Karatejacket White, Demoex 205 cm, 12 oz
Karate jacket 12 oz, in 100% cotton.
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Orcbite Submissionshorts Red Classic, Small (30)
Small (30) made of a thicker "4 way stretch material" that makes the shorts flexible and...
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Pinetree WTF Jacket Ribbad whitecollar, Demoex 160 cm
Shinai Bambu Tendo Beginner, 38B
Shinai Bambu Beginner in different sizes.
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