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Blitz "Platinum" Bagglove, Leather S-XL
Pre-curved, multi layered, foam-injected technology to increase protection
In stock: 45
Booster Cube Shin/foot protector, Black/Silver
S-L, Booster shin/foot protector.
In stock: 8
Booster Enforcer Shin/foot protector, Black/Grå
XS, Booster shin/foot protector.
In stock: 2
Booster Pro Thaishorts, IRONMAN Black
XS-XXL, Thaishorts Booster Pro, with high slits on legs for better movements.
In stock: 10
Booster Shin/Instep CURVED EASY FIT Black
XXS-XL, Booster Curved shin/instep in cotton. Comes with 3 velco-straps.
In stock: 34
Booster Striker Thai Shin/Instep, Black
S-XL, Pre-shaped, kickboxing style sparring shinguard.
In stock: 16
Bytomic PerformerBagglove, Black
S/M - L/XL, Bytomic Performer Bagglove,
In stock: 4
Ironman Kickboxingsuit Classic Plain Color
110-200 cm, Topten black kickboxingsuit..
In stock: 0
Montana Boxglove DEVIL,10-16 oz
10-16 oz, Montana Boxingglove, made of the best leather you could find. Double velcro closing for...
In stock: 31
Mouthguard Classic, Junior
Mouth guards, Junior.
In stock: 173
Mouthguard Classic, Senior
Mouth guards, Senior.
In stock: 325
Topten "Triangle II" Shin/Instep Black/Red
XS-XL,Triangel II from Topten, cover made of 100% hi-tech NBK artificial leather with woven...
In stock: 6
Topten Boxingglove Fight, Black/Red  12 oz
Topten Boxingglove Fight, Black/Red  16 oz
Topten Boxingglove NB II, Black 10-14 oz
10-14 oz, TOPTEN boxingglove.
In stock: 45
Topten Handwrap Elastic 2,5m
Elastic handwrap from Topten.
In stock: 39
Topten Handwrap Elastic 3,5 m, Black
Black elastic handwrap from Topten.
In stock: 47