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Aikido Gi Tengui
160-200 cm, Made in 100% soft cotton.
In stock: 20
Aikido Gi Tengui De-luxe
160-200 cm, Made in 100% soft cotton.These deluxe Aikido Gi are the epitome of quality, the best...
In stock: 4
Blitz "Platinum" Bagglove, Leather S-XL
Pre-curved, multi layered, foam-injected technology to increase protection
In stock: 22
Bokken Red oak 101 cm
Standard bokken suitable for beginners.
In stock: 10
Bokken White oak 101 cm
Bokken White oak
In stock: 2
Booster Cube Shin/foot protector, Black/Silver
S-L, Booster shin/foot protector.
In stock: 3
Booster Enforcer Shin/foot protector, XS Black/Grå
XS, Booster shin/foot protector.
In stock: 1
Booster Shin/Instep CURVED EASY FIT Black
XXS-XL, Booster Curved shin/instep in cotton. Comes with 3 velco-straps.
In stock: 29
Booster Striker Thai Shin/Instep, Black
S-XL, Pre-shaped, kickboxing style sparring shinguard.
In stock: 16
Bytomic Martial Art trousers, Black
130-200 cm, Pliable trousers from Bytomic with elastic waist.
In stock: 54
Bytomic PerformerBagglove, Black
S/M - L/XL, Bytomic Performer Bagglove,
In stock: 7
Danger Grappling glove  Leather, M-XL
M-XL, Fighting/grappling glove with smart velcroclosure.
In stock: 18
Fumetsu Hybrid MMA sparring glove, Leather
S/M-L/XL, Fumetsu Hybrid MMA Sparring Gloves are designed to provide maximum protection, safety,...
In stock: 5
Hakama Standard, Black
Hakama in a heavy material made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester.
In stock: 3
Hayashi Black belt Cotton, 4 cm
260-330 cm, A slightly thicker belt in 100% cotton, 4 cm width.
In stock: 7
Hayashi Todai Judo Gi
110-200 cm, Excellent beginner GI with elastic waist.
In stock: 51
Ironman Kickboxingsuit Classic Plain Color
110-200 cm, Topten black kickboxingsuit..
In stock: 0
JC FIGHTER Black belt Cotton, 4,5 cm
Black belt. perfect for embroidering,
In stock: 313