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Bytomic Hanging Punch Bag, 120 cm
Bytomic Hanging Punch Bag.
In stock: 2
Bytomic Hanging Punch Bag, 150 cm
Bytomic Hanging Punch Bag.
In stock: 6
Bytomic Hanging Punch Bag, 180 cm
Bytomic Hanging Punch Bag.
In stock: 2
Bytomic Heavy Duty Punch bag Bracket, max 90 kg
The Bytomic Heavy Duty Punch Bag Bracket is designed to hold bags up to 90kg.
In stock: 1
Century Wall Mounted Punch Bag Bracket max 50 kg
Century Heavy Bag Wall Mount.
In stock: 2
Century XXL Wavemaster Punch Bag
Century's ultimate punch bag!
In stock: 2
Complete Topten PunchBoy Dummy Wall
This new complete dummy set is another training equipment of the Evolution system. It will be...
In stock: 0
Freestanding bag Topten JUMBO, 171 cm
Freestanding bag Topten JUMBO
In stock: 0
Freestanding Topten PunchBoy Dummy 2013
Freestanding dummy from Topten.
In stock: 0
Hayashi  Ceiling-Hangers Black
Made of black steel, max 35 kg.
In stock: 0
Hayashi  Steel-Wall-Attachment Black, max 60 kg
Hayashi Freestanding Bag
A new freestanding equipemt, shaped like a heavy-bag. The plastic botton stand may be filled with...
In stock: 0
Hayashi Punch Bag Filled Red
HAYASHI heavy-bags are made of high quality, durable artificial leather. They come with a...
In stock: 2
Hayashi Punch Bag Unfilled Red
Hayashi bags are made of high quality, durable artificial leather. They come with a steelchain.
In stock: 2
Hayashi Training Dummy, 160 cm
Dummy in canvascotton 160 cm and weight approx 30 kg.
In stock: 0
Lonsdale Rawl Plug With Hook
Suitable for attaching floor to ceiling balls, 3 in 1 bags and work-out balls to the ground.
In stock: 2
Manus Punch Bag Filled Black/White
Manus punching bags are mad of vinyl. The chain and the rotating hook made of steel are included.
In stock: 3
Montana Ceiling Hook
Ceiling hook made in steel. Made in france
In stock: 3
Multicenter Topten
Freestanding multifunction center incl. adjustable speedballset. Optional to be equipped with 3...
In stock: 0
NICbox Club Folding Bracket, max 30 kg
Solid construction powder coated heavy duty box section wall hanging bracket. Drops flat to wall.
In stock: 1
Poor Bob Sparring
Poor BOB Sparring.
In stock: 2